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The Re-run Awards

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I noticed as I wandered from one fandom to another that the same people often write and read in many fandoms. Since we all like playing in the same sandbox, I thought it would be fun to see all our favorite fanfiction compete head to head. So, this is a different type of awards site since the categories put fanfiction from different fandoms up against each other. Once all the nominations are in and confirmed, I'll set up a post so ya'll can vote on the winners!!

On with the details

1. All nominated fic MUST be from a cancelled show. So, no CSI, no Burn Notice, no Dr. Who. Those shows can come play when they get cancelled and the true die hards continue to write fic AFTER the end of the show.

2. All nominated fic MUST have been written or significantly revised within the last two years. So, no nominating something that was written six years ago. I used to check on this, but it's now YOUR job to check with the author and confirm the date.

3. When you nominate, you need to copy and paste this form and fill in ALL the information!
Genre (slash, gen, het):
Nominated by:
Why this should win:
Date of publishing/major revision:
Type yes to confirm there is no explicit underage sex:

4. Use the a comment on the nomination post ONLY to nominate your stories, but you may ONLY NOMINATE TWO stories, all other nominations you post will be deleted without even looking at them.

5. Only one category will be available for voting in any given month.

6. Gen, Het, and Slash are ALL welcome, but label those stories because people want to know up front what they're getting into.

7. No underage sex! I won't get into other kinks or squicks, but all sexually active characters MUST be above the age of consent. For some LJ users, this is a legal necessity, and I personally don't want it in this community. EDIT: After a long discussion in Round One, this has been clarified. Non-descriptive sex (they go in the bedroom and then the story picks up again the next morning) is okay if the characters are 16 or 17, but NO descriptive sex with someone under 18.

8. ALL television shows that have been cancelled are eligible... whether or not I listed them under the interest section.

9. No show may have more than four nominations in any given round. Crossovers do not count against a show's count, so you can have three Buffy fics, and two crossovers that include Buffy characters, but you cannot have five Buffy fics in any one round.

10. If too many stories from one fandom are nominated, then the stories with the MOST nomination will become official nominees. Nominations are open from the first through the tenth of the month. Nominees will be available on or before the fifteenth, and the voting will end on the second to the last day of the month.

11. Unlike other sites, authors CAN go up against themselves, so if you love two AU's by the same author, nom both, but no author may have more than two stories in any given round.

12. Self-nominations are welcome!

13. Previous winners are welcome, but the same story cannot win in the same category more than once.

14. Fanfiction based on books or movies are only allowed if the story includes characters or canon from a cancelled show. After all, we're about watching reruns!

So, let's have some fun!!

The Cry Me A River Award for angst stories that break our hearts and leave us wanting more even as we sob on our keyboards

The Clean Break Award for stories that break away from canon at some point and create a universe based on the series but that has a life of its own

Freeze Frame Award for best drabbles and ficlets of 500 words or fewer

Caught in the Crossfire Award for crossover stories (both shows must be off the air)

After the Fact Award for stories that continue the story after the end of the series

Laugh your Ass Off Award for humorous stories that make us spew Coke through our noses

Day in the Life Award for stories that show the canon universe, including missing scenes

The Hit it Again Award for kinky stories that leave us sweaty and panting

The Dark Side Award for stories that show the darker side of a hero or of a universe. It's twisted, but we love it anyway.

Stranger in a Strange Land Award for alternate universe fics. These stories aren't like anything in canon.

The Mirror, Mirror Award for best characterization... the voices are so real that we can hear them in our heads

The Stuff of Legends Award for best epic (20 chapters/200 pages/50,000 words)

The Bird and the Fish in Love Award for best unconventional couple. They were never together in canon, but this story makes us believe they could have been.

Better than a Thousand Words Award for best graphics--this could be original artwork, icons, manipulations, or any form of graphic art

Anyone is welcome to save and use these icons when talking about the awards. The only exception is the nominee buttons. Those really are for people who've been nominated.

Round One
Round Two
Round Three

And now all the LJ *stuff*

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