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The Re-run Awards
Freeze Frame award 
6th-Jan-2007 02:24 pm
Pink Lit Gal
Remember to give every piece a chance. Reading two sentences and saying you don't like it is fair; just voting for your friends is not. And here are your choices for the Freeze Frame award

Why it's so good


Freeze Frame Award for best drabbles and ficlets of 500 words or fewer

Movie Night: Remembering Richie Amberlee (amberleewriter) PG 13 A wonderful way to remember Richie
Walls Have Ears shinodabear G-PG One of the most original drabbles I've ever read. The setting are important too!
What a Man Will Do Athenewolfe R It is delightfully wicked
The Thing About Magic sexymermaid PG 13 The way Spike's emotion, just in those few words, is so tangable and real.
Spike the Pumpkin Slayer Tazi G-PG Spike is totally spot on. Gave me the giggles like nobodys business.
And We Can Use It When We Mate Lilbreck PG 13 It's such a nifty little piece! Funny, sexy, well-characterized, and beautifully written! Everything a drabble should be and then some!

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