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WINNERS... now I'm off to bed. Congratulations everyone!

Okay, I very well may have made mistakes in spelling (or even in categories--I had to go back and redo one because I forgot to change the title of the category from one set of awards to the next).  I've spent a lot of hours on this stuff, so stupidity is a real possibility.  Just let me know, so I can fix anything I screwed up.

Let's start off with a special award... the Out of the Blue Award. Each round, three previous winners from a previous round (picked at random) have a chance to name their favorite stories, the ones they wished they had written, and wished the rest of us would read. Here are the three winners for the Out of the Blue award for Round 3
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And here are the rest of our winners... Congratulations to EVERYONE.  There were a lot of great stories out there this round!
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