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The Re-run Awards
Dark Side award 
6th-Jan-2007 02:32 pm
Pink Lit Gal
Remember to give every piece a chance. Reading two sentences and saying you don't like it is fair; just voting for your friends is not. And here are your choices for the Dark Side award

Why it's so good


The Dark Side Award for stories that show the darker side of a hero or of a universe. It's twisted, but we love it anyway.

Fade... lannamichaels R She really gets what it must be like to live an impossibly long life.
Parting Gifts angelic_amy NC17-X Great fic.
Possession Icemink NC17-X I love the strange relationship in this dark universe
Midnight in the Garden of Evil SpikesDeb and SpikesKat NC17-X They are just so darned evil! :)
Flying Into the Black jane_davitt NC17-X Dark!Jim *and* Dark(ish)!Blair, so double the fun! It's a Sentinel/Firefly crossover, so the characters take on a Whedonesque edginess they never had in the original show. It's still our boys, but they've grown up in a much harsher world, and it shows.
Carved Until I Set Him Free catwalksalone PG 13 Dan's dead brother becomes his guardian angel, but can't safeguard Danny against himself. Beautiful and heartbreaking.
Revenge Katy Hart NC17-X The fisr time I've written Angelus and I think it went well.
The Bitses in my Head Skitty R This is a really in depth look at Drusilla as a character, done through writing prompts. Fifty sentences, each from her twisted point of view, really an interesting read.
Somnambulist strickens_girl NC17-X The darkness here is so chilling. The portrait of Spike she draws is scary and compelling. You just get sucked into this piece!

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
samsom NC17-X Samsom just has this amazing way with words. It is so vivid and descriptive. It is a peek into Angel's mind and it is not that pretty.
Dangerous Type mph0506 R It's dark, it's hot, the voices are so spot on. It's a great piece about the darker period of Angel's life.
Escape Me Never velvetwhip NC17-X Velvetwhip pens an heartbreaking story of a shattered Willow, a survivor of being Angelus' captive, who is taken under Angel's wing. Can he heal the girl he loves?

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