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The Re-run Awards
Cry Me A River award 
6th-Jan-2007 02:30 pm
Pink Lit Gal
Remember to give every piece a chance. Reading two sentences and saying you don't like it is fair; just voting for your friends is not. And here are your choices for the Cry Me A River award

Why it's so good


The Cry Me A River Award for angst stories that break our hearts and leave us wanting more even as we sob on our keyboards

Night Watch amonitrate R I wouldn't normally self nominate; but I'm very proud of this piece and it's in a tiny fandom. I enjoyed getting into the head of a character that got little screentime but had an immense impact on one of the main characters.
Parting Gifts angelic_amy NC17-X Very intricate plot and great characterizations
Closer felisblanco NC17-X It hurts, but you can't stop reading it. Amazing.
Wind Whispering Panik G-PG It's just beautiful. Made me cry, made me laugh. And it's superbly written. The premise of Blair as a Gypsy doesn't sound far off, but the way Panik handles it, really was original to me.
Kith or Kin? Fluterbev R Superb writing in every aspect: language, charcter development, pacing; Great story in and of itself. Great Angst
Dateline jane_davitt R Gradually building UST gets so thick you can cut it with a knife. Jim's conviction that his feelings for Blair will never be returned is drawn in such beautiful painful detail. Made me cry the first time I read it.
"Sock Puppet" shadowscast NC17-X heartwrenching but truly beautiful
A New Life Lisbeth Sierra G-PG Something about a story about what happens to them later on in years, makes me tear up every time.
Protection PB R I love stories where you think one of them dies, but they really don't.
Murder in the Ruins Krisser R Because it's so different. This is not your usual Sentinel and Guide story.
Alice's Room Mhalachai G-PG It thinks outside of the box, in such a way that is terriable and clever.
Washed Clean lit_gal NC17-X Because I can believe the characters would do something like this. I love how Kaylee regains her power by the end of it. ^-^
Man Hunter Sexymermaid NC17-X This is a superbly well-crafted tale of suspense! Lots of darkness, great twists and turns, stellar characterization, and it is so emotionally gripping that you just can't wait for each new chapter! This story is incredible!

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