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The Re-run Awards
Bird and the Fish in Love award 
6th-Jan-2007 02:27 pm
Pink Lit Gal
Remember to give every piece a chance. Reading two sentences and saying you don't like it is fair; just voting for your friends is not. And here are your choices for the Bird and the Fish in Love award

Why it's so good


The Bird and the Fish in Love Award for best unconventional couple. They were never together in canon, but this story makes us believe they could have been.

Do Not Lay Heavy On My Heart hafital NC17-X It's very lovely and a bit sad. (It's a slash story)
Circle Dance Chris (sidhe_woman) R Duncan (Garham Scott) and Methos (Aidan Whittaker) are written perfectly. (this is a slash story)
Drowning in Footwear C-Woodhaven NC17-X Three words-Funny, sexy, adorable
Breaking Free Stillrose NC17-X These versions of Spike and Xander are realistic, and yet completely different from anything else out there!
Pilgrim Amberleewriter R This is Joe and Methos taken to a whole new level. Both a character study and a journey of discovery, this story delivers an emotional punch of two very different men trying to open up to each other enough to build a lasting relationship. Very deep!
And We Are All Together leiascully R Although it's a collection of ficlets, the characterisation is so strong that it feels like one complete piece. And the writing is, simply, wonderful.
Unexpected Katy Hart NC17-X It's Wesley and Buffy coming to a realization, being awkward and yet still true to themselves. Self nom
Closer Purplefeen NC17-X The sensuality of this piece is matched by exquisite characterization. You can't help but be moved by this tale. It's powerful and beautiful, and did I mention HOT?

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